【外絮】Paul George,「大前衛」?

Frank Vogel ready to use Paul George at powerfauxward The Pacers made some news at their annu...


Frank Vogel ready to use Paul George at power fauxward


The Pacers made some news at their annual golf outing discussing their plan to play smaller lineups this season. Frank Vogel is excited about the idea. Paul George is not. This is strange and it shouldn't be.

溜馬在年度的高爾夫比賽中登上了新聞版面並談論了他們這季打小陣容的計畫。Frank Vogel對這個主意感到很興奮,Paul George則不然。這讓場面出現了不應該有的矛盾。


Paul George won't play a minute at power forward for the Pacers this season.

Paul George本季將不會有任何時間以大前鋒的身分出賽。


The Pacers star will hopefully play 35-40 minutes per game without any issues following his recovery from a broken leg. He will be on the court with four other teammates. Three of those teammates may often be smaller than PG, but that doesn't mean he's playing power forward.



PG will just be playing.



Seems like everyone is hung up on the term "power forward" (most notably, PG himself) when in fact in a small-ball, "positionless' lineup relying on athleticism and speed, Paul George will simply be playing.

看起來所有人都很糾結於「大前鋒」這個詞(特別是PG本人),但事實上在小球「不分位置」的陣容中倚賴的是運動能力和速度,Paul George就是上場打球而已。


Since the term "power forward" conjures up images of Maurice Lucas, Dale Davis or for you young folk, David West, I like to refer to PG's proposed role as one of a power fauxward.

由於「大前鋒」一詞總是會讓人聯想起Maurice Lucas、Dale Davis,或者對年輕一輩的人而言,David West的身影,我會比較想把PG被安排的角色說成是「大前衛」。



The idea isn't to put PG in the post and have him banging around with bigger bodies. As Frank Vogel described on the Dan Dakich show today, the Pacers want to take a page from the Miami Heat, spread the floor and create room for their playmakers to get to the rim. Here are some quotes on the topic from the Pacers coach:

這個主意並不是要讓PG去打低位和其他更壯的肌肉棒子硬碰硬。如同Frank Vogel今天在Dan Dakich show(印城本地的電台節目,Dan Dakich是出身印第安納的球員與教練,現任籃球播報員與電台主持)中描述的,溜馬想要借鏡於邁阿密熱火,拉開場上的空間以讓他們的發動者進攻籃框。以下是一些溜馬教練的訪談內容:


Vogel on running more: We're not going to turn into a defensive-less, try to score 140 points a game type of team. We want to win. That's the plan here. The goal isn't to go out and just become a running team. The goal is to go out and win games and to do that we think we can be more proficient in the running game and play with some smaller lineups that are going to give us some better offensive spacing and allow some of our elite basket attackers and drivers to have driving lanes to get to the rim. While we're doing that, we're going to hold the same standard on the defensive end.



Vogel on adding speed: What we've benefited from in terms of size the last couple of years, we've been hurt by our lack of mobility. Even though we will be smaller, we won't be as long by position as we've been the last couple years, we will be faster. Hopefully we can contain better, hopefully we can cover a lot more ground on the defensive end and be more of a rotating team and that will help us get out on the break.



Vogel on league shift to small lineups: While Golden State won a championship doing that (small ball) this year, this all in my mind, began a couple of years ago with what Miami did. They basically saw two elite offensive players in Wade and James and said, let's give these guys offensive space. Let's open up, let's take the bigs out, let's make Bosh a three-point shooter whether he's at the four or the five, and at times play with five three-point shooters out there and then force teams to try to contain the elite offensive weapons with everybody out at the three-point line. It's very difficult to guard.