Yes, we won!

勝!Yes, We Won! Yes, we won! by Football Translation I can well assure myself that f...


勝!Yes, We Won!

Yes, we won!

by Football Translation

I can well assure myself that few people, especially foreigners, would read this. But why shall this idea bother? Taiwan won this time!


On October 8th, 2016, taiwanese people saw their long-yearning victory on football coming; on this day, the Chinese Taipei football team finally bid farewell to its winless streak of gameplay in Taiwan. After defeating Timor-Leste and claiming a 2-1 goal difference advantage, the taiwanese side is much more promising to move on to the next round of 2019 AFC Asian Cup qualification.


The odds seemed to be heavily in Taiwan's favor before the game: Timor-Leste renounced the chance to host a game due to domestic, political turmoil. In result, its home game actually took place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan yesterday. This double-home-game advantage for Taiwan is just something too good to ask for. During the game, Chinese Taipei responded positively to a early-conceded goal and took the lead in 38 minutes, which leads to the desired victory when the final whistle blew.


Despite the triumph, common problems of Taiwanese football still persist: first, only few people really entered the stadium to cheer for their nation that it was hard to see any home advantage from a spectators' perspective. Such a situation plagued the environment of taiwanese football so badly that Chen Kuei-Jen, former Chinese Taipei coach and the commentator yesterday, felt "sad" and "heart-aching," according to his facebook post.


Second, the lack of fitness prevailed in the 2nd half for both team in the match. The taiwanese internationals failed to force effective ways of attack and should feel lucky that the opponent was too tired to take advantage of their sluggishness.


Third, insufficient media attention and match-relevant reports aroused few public awareness. When I was planing on this article, I can find less than five pieces of news from major media that can be counted as informative. All these manifest the predicament of Taiwanese football, which would not disappear overnight.


Nevertheless, this is absolutely a meaningful game for Taiwan. After all, taiwanese people have eventually witnessed a soccer victory belonging to them since 2011, when Chinese Taipei beat Malaysia in a World Cup qualifier. By diverting Chen's message: "fans' cheering and clapping  in the stadium would be the best motive for players to win," Football Translation also urges people to cheer for Taiwan in the game two days later and hopes that Chinese Taipei could experience the thrill of victory again on October 11th.



pictures: CTFA