專欄 因為籃球,他不只是過客—Oriol Herrero Rosa


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Dunking has always been one of the most exciting way to score, while the posterizing dunk - to dunk over someone, is one of the most exciting thing that the crowd wants to see on court. However, a move that inquires such athleticism are most seen in pro level games in Taiwan, there were only very few cases of this kind of moves being seen in student basketball.


But this summer, there's a video on facebook; a player catches the ball and started driving into the paint, you can see the defender tried to rise so hard so he won't be posterized. But he just kept backing down..... and BOOM. 


Twenty years ago, Oriol was just a young boy who lived in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Although his parents who used to be athletes brainwashes him that "you should play basketball, you become very good" every day, but at that time, he just wanted to play football with his friends and play Xbox at home.



Oriol also loves to travel. When he was a child, he had the opportunity to go travel to a lot of places. He had been to the United States, Mexico and Dubai. However, the most memorable experience for him was the trip to meet his brother Russia. "He is not a blood related brother with me, My family adopted him. The experience of going to Russia is just amazing."




One day at the age of 16, Oriol's mind had suddenly changed: he decided to start playing basketball! "I do not know why, but suddenly I told my parents that I want to start playing basketball!" Oriol laughs.



第一年,Oriol還在當地俱樂部球隊的最低層級打球;剛進到球隊的他一個隊友都不認識,實力上也是敬陪末座。此時,他遇見了人生第一個個人教練—Josep Sagues。「我們每天球隊訓練的前一個小時就會到球場加強我的基本動作。他無時無刻都激勵著我,也是他激起了我對於籃球的熱愛。」在每天刻苦的訓練之下,他的實力突飛猛進,也成了球隊守護禁區所倚重的大將。

In the first year, Oriol also played at the lowest level of the local club team; At the first, he doesn't know anyone on the team and can't perform well on court. At this point, he met his first personal trainer, Josep Sagues. "We'll spend one hour before the team practice everyday to work on the fundamentals. He's the person who motivates me, and the person who makes me love basketball." After countless days of hardworking, Oriol earned his role on the team. 




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開始有球隊加盟 ABL 聯賽後,東南亞籃球正式納入台灣人的籃球視野,然而相對於時常在國際賽場上交戰的菲律賓之外,東南亞各國的籃球實力與發展仍是一團迷霧。運動視界邀請到 Papi 替台灣球迷做這次聯賽參賽 6 國的簡介,讓我們在寶島夢想家南向征戰 ABL 聯賽前先一探究竟。


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