美國時間2018年7月29日星期天,小熊與紅雀正在紅雀主場Busch Stadium進行三連戰的最後一場比賽,同一時間電視上也正在轉播這場世仇之戰。當比賽來到8局下半,當天擔任評論員工作的前大聯盟球星...


美國時間2018年7月29日星期天,小熊與紅雀正在紅雀主場Busch Stadium進行三連戰的最後一場比賽,同一時間電視上也正在轉播這場世仇之戰。當比賽來到8局下半,當天擔任評論員工作的前大聯盟球星A-Rod沒來由的忽然開始提起正在傷兵名單的達比修,接著火力全開的質疑達比修的傷勢與小熊球團內部的氣氛。結果當天比賽結束後,小熊球團與多數球迷們都感受不到當天避免被紅雀橫掃的喜悅,反而都把關注放在A-Rod對達比修與小熊球團這個莫名的質疑與攻擊。




“It has been a very sobering year with the debacle of the start of Yu Darvish, who has been devastating. I mean, a guy to start a six-year contract with three of the worst months you could ever see. I know he threw a 10-pitch bullpen, then a 16-pitch bullpen, and then he said his arm was hurting. It has gotten so bad around — now they won’t say this publicly — but it has gotten so bad that they let him basically police and take control of his own rehab, which is scary, because they don’t want to create anything that he can kind of push back against.




“So he’ll let the team know when he’s ready, which, let me just tell you what that means to a clubhouse. You lose respect quickly. And my concern for him — because he’s a great young talent — is it may take two or three or four years and you may never get that back. The other side of that is Chatwood, Tyler, who actually has struggled, but has gone out there, he has posted.”




接著坐旁邊的另一位評論員Jessica Mendoza也聊到Tyler Chatwood ,A-Rod緊接著附和她說的。


“Exactly, Jess, [Chatwood] gets beat down, but gets back up. He takes a punch and gets back up. And you’ll never see players complain or whine about a guy like that. They actually back him. So, this is an issue that, if you’re Cubs Nation, you have to watch the Yu Darvish development because it’s not good inside that clubhouse right now.




"The problem is, and I'm pretty passionate about this, when you have 25 players coming to the stadium, you're there to do one thing, and that's to win a ballgame. You want all the energy, all the focus, all the analytics, all the stretching [going to] what are we going to do today to win a ballgame?