2021-2022 Season First Half Recap (1-3) / 21-22球季年後懶人包 (1-3)

A quick summary of the season so far, brought to you bilingually! 球季至今的年後懶人包,以雙語呈現!

With one third of the season officially in the books, the 2021-2022 season is in full swing. Currently, the one seeded Dreamers and the sixth seed Pilots are only separated by 3 games; all bets are off and it’s anyone’s ball game.

P. League 2021-2022賽季已進行1/3,球隊之間的競爭也已逐漸白熱化。截稿至此,福爾摩沙台新夢想家暫居聯盟龍頭,與吊車尾的桃園領航猿僅有3場勝差,誰會最終脫穎而出搶下季後賽的四張門票還很難說。


The Formosa Dreamers kept its foot on the pedal ever since the 21 point comeback statement win against the Braves on opening day. The team deploys a balanced attack with Jeff Wu, Kenny Chieng, and Jun Ji Lin all serve as viable point-of-attack options, while also having the best bench point production in the league. Interestingly, the Dreamers use its imports sparingly depending on the matchup, and the ability of Coach Kyle Julius to convince his players to buy into the system might be the most underrated aspect of the team. Regardless, C-Town will continue to be a contender all season long and they will be looking to secure the number one spot as we inch closer towards the playoffs. 

自從開幕戰對上衛冕臺北富邦勇士上演精彩21分大逆轉後,夢想家就穩居聯盟前半端位置。球隊坐擁「姐夫」吳永盛、錢肯尼及林俊吉等具有擔任進攻箭頭能力的後場好手,並同時有著聯盟最佳的板凳輸出,夢想家能在球季至今表現穩定不是沒有原因。有趣的是,儘管戰績暫居第一,夢想家在洋將的使用率上卻為六支球隊最後,與以往「洋將定勝負」的迷思有所衝突。球隊這樣的思維要歸功於總教練Kyle Julius的調度手法與球員對他的信服力,讓他成功打造出一支實力穩定平均的球隊。



Following the Dreamers is the new expansion team New Taipei Kings. Many predicted the Kings’ success even before the season started given their mix of star veterans and promising prospects, but fulfilling those lofty expectations this early is still no small feat. The team’s biggest strength lies within its ability and willingness to share the ball and that’s resulted in a league first 21.6 assists per game. Besides the obvious excellence from MVP candidates Kyle Lee and Amigo Yang as well as the productivity from Thomas Welsh, Coach Ryan Marchand is the underrated architect that constructed the team identity from scratch, making the newly assembled squad look like a well-oiled machine. Look forward to the Kings to amp it up in the second half of the season and make the push towards eventual champions. 

緊追在夢想家之後的為今年新成立球隊新北國王。基於球隊老中青三代球員的深度,早在今年開季前就有許多球迷預測了這支禁衛軍的黑馬實力,但沒人能猜到國王能在這麼快的時間內晉升強權,甚至是奪冠熱門的地步。國王最大的優勢在於球隊分享球的能力及無私的球風,目前場均21.6次助攻也高居聯盟第一。除了本土MVP候選人李愷諺及楊敬敏的穩定輸出之外,優質洋將Thomas Welsh攻守俱備的能力更是一大原因。然而,也因為這樣,許多人可能會低估總教練Ryan Marchand的執教功力,若不是Coach Marchand所植入的「團隊第一」思維,國王絕不會是現在這支堅如磐石的強權。期待國王能在下半季持續高效表現,為金杯用力衝刺。


After barely missing the playoffs despite an ambitious late season push in its inaugural year, the Hsinchu Lioneers returned to this season with plenty of motivation and skills to back it up. Compare this squad to last year’s Lioneers, the team is more methodical in its approach, and the dominance of Sim Bhullar is the main reason why; currently averaging a jaw dropping 25-21.8 statline, Bhullar is undoubtedly the most unstoppable offensive force this year, and the Lioneers has reasonably tailored made the offense around Bhullar’s skillset. However, the team received some push back regarding the underwhelming production from its local player pool, but the team slowly turned that narrative around in week 8 and is looking to retake the number one seed. A squad with Bhullar and capable locals. That’s a scary sight to behold.