2021-2022 Season First Half Recap (4-6) / 21-22球季年後懶人包 (4-6)

A quick summary of the season so far, brought to you bilingually! 球季至今的年後懶人包,以雙語呈現!

2021-2022 Season First Half Playoffs Race Recap (4-6)



前情提要看這裡 / Read Part 1 Here

Most fans expected the Braves to reassert their dominance before the season started, but with the competition ramping up the pressure while the team being ravaged by injuries, the defending champs are beginning to see chinks in their armors. However, no opponent is going to overlook the Braves even with the team currently sitting at 6-6; For one, Taipei arguably has the most experience in the league and is the only team with championship pedigree. Not to mention, the team’s 97.33 PPG still leads the league and its diverse attack still packs a mighty punch. Never underestimate the heart of a champion; the Braves are not out of the race until they’re out. The Game 22 comeback win against the fully loaded Kings was a prime example. 





The Steelers were the biggest mystery heading into season two. With a newly assembled team that’s led by a first year PLG player in Captain Lu, no one was certain what the on court product would look like. The young team went through a bit of turbulence when the season first started, losing 4 out of 5 five games to kick things off. However, the devil is in the details with this eccentric squad; the team slowly found its footing through close games and eventually closed out on a win streak right before the break. Give credit to the players for absorbing from each loss, but also commend Coach DeMarcus Berry for instilling an identity to this up and coming group; expect the Steelers to keep up its speedy brand of basketball under the leadership of Coach Berry and don’t be surprised if the team comes knocking on the playoffs door. 



高雄鋼鐵人無疑是本賽季最謎樣的球隊之一。由首度參戰PLG的隊長呂政儒率領,這支新成立的生力軍在開季前飽受質疑,沒人確定他們能打出什麼樣的成績,也如預期,鋼鐵人開季前五戰就輸了四場比賽,成軍一開始就遭受一波亂流。但細看球隊的比賽內容就不難發現,這支鋼鐵大軍在每一場比賽中吸取經驗,勝分差越拉越近,甚至在年前以連勝強拉了小尾盤,球隊情勢看漲。在認可球員實力的同時,總教練DeMarcus Berry的執教功力也是功不可沒,在因疫情晚到的情況下仍賦予了這支球隊獨特的球風,鋼鐵人在下半季也仍有望逆轉局勢,闖破季後賽的大門。


Closing out at the sixth spot is the Taoyuan Pilots. After making a multitude of reinforcements at the guard spot during the offseason, most people had the Pilots contending for a top seed heading into the year; additions like Hayden Wu and Jun-Xiang Lu were expected to solidify the guard spot while DaYou “Killer” Guan and JinYao Shih continue to build on last season’s excellence. Overall, the team looked primed for a Run n’ Gun play style with its backcourt depth and versatility at the wing, but in reality Taoyuan plays a systematic, slow paced game that aims to create the best shot possible in each possession. The slow start can be attributed to the team still feeling the roster out and early injuries in Lu and Han Huang, but don’t count the Pilots out yet as they’re only 3 games behind the Dreamers; once the Orange and Blue figure it out they will be ready for takeoff.